Virtualmin 3.91 released

Hi Virtualmin users,

Virtualmin GPL version 3.91 is now available for download
from , or our YUM and APT
repositories. This version includes the following new features
and bug fixes :

* The S3 backup support has been ported from Virtualmin Pro, allowing
GPL users to backup domains to Amazon’s paid storage service.

* Also, added a Virtualmin Configuration option to use an alternate
S3-compatible backup service instead of Amazon’s.

* Updated the phpMyAdmin script installer to, and phpPgAdmin
to 5.0.4.

* When cloning a virtual server with a private IP, a new address for
the clone can be entered instead of relying on automatic IP allocation.

* When calling the remote API with the json, perl or xml format flags,
multiline mode is automatically enabled so that the output from commands
can be correctly parsed. API errors are also returned using the selected format.

As always, let me know of any bugs you find or suggestions you have..

– Jamie

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