What’s Your Story, Day 2?


If Day 1’s excitement level was at a 10, Day 2 was off the charts. There was a noticeable feeling of exhilaration in the air as the crowd entered the Pavillion this morning. With a DJ filled atmosphere, eye tantalizing graphics and thoughtful merchant quotes, everyone knew they were in for something good. This year’s theme centered around the question, ‘What’s Your Story?’ The theme brought to light just how much Magento has helped changed both the professional and personal lives of our merchants. It was an inspiring day to say the least, full of incredible stories, invigorating new announcements and insightful information that we can all put to use right away.


Our presentations started off today with David Bandrowski, one of our Magento Go merchants, playing a Deering banjo and ended with the Emmy award nominated screenwriter and producer, Tim Kring, so you can only IMAGINE what happened in between (no pun intended). Here’s a recap of the key takeaways from the day:

Morning General Sessions and Keynotes from Roy Rubin, Bob Schwartz and Matthew Mengerink:

* Magento Community 1.7 and Enterprise 1.12 were announced! Both new releases include REST API, developer productivity, different base pricing for customer groups and more. In addition, Enterprise 1.12 also now includes multiple wish lists, segmentation including personalized coupons based on a visitor’s interaction with the site and Mobile! (HTML 5 capabilities)

* Magento 2 will be available within the first half of 2013 and includes modularity and an incredible new visual design editor with drag and drop functionality.

* The Momentum keeps building: we’ve doubled our merchant base and increased our number of extensions by 73% since Imagine 2011.

* We have had 4,000 downloads of the Magento Developer Certification Study Guide since the launch of Developer Certification at Innovate last year.

* Magento U now has classes in 12 cities around the world with a total of 25,000 registrations.

* 20% of the Alexa 1Million use Magento – the highest share over any other solution on the market.

* Angry Birds is now a Magento Enterprise customer (hence the stuffed angry bird fight you may have seen in a previous blog post).

Morning Breakouts:

* Modal popups, QR codes, A/B testing, personalized landing pages, cart abandonment emails and more are just a few of the action items you can use to double your revenue in 6 months!

* Merchandising your online stores and romancing your product are fundamental elements to make customers return products less and return to your site more.

Afternoon Breakouts:

* It’s not about channels, it’s about your customer! Every merchant should learn about the multi-channel and cross-channel customer. A multi-channel customer will sell 3 times as much as a single channel customer.

* The five tenets for conversion optimization are 1. The Offer 2. The Experience 3. The Data 4. Testing and 5. Relevance and Personalization

* Don’t blindly follow the ‘HIPPO’ – the highest paid person in your organization! Use data and analytics to guide your decisions.

Afternoon General Sessions and Keynotes from Stephen Messer and Tim Kring:

* Stephen Messer showed us big data is worthless, it’s about big answers! It’s great to have a lot of data, but if you don’t know what questions that data answers, the data isn’t as valuable.

* If you want to change your business, the best way is to learn how to ask questions well. Then use the data to answer those questions!

* One bad experience can undo millions of dollars worth of branding. Make sound decisions using data instead of gut intuition.

* If you’re good at what you do, you learn to innovate – get around the hurdles in unconventional ways.

* Big data should empower creativity, not stand in its way!

* Serving content to individuals how they want it is the way to build your brand. Tim Kring used a 360 degree platform to serve up content for his show, Heroes including putting clips online, allowing viewers to create Heroes profiles, upload sketches and more. These innovative uses of transmedia inspired viewers to become more engaged with the show and also allowed Kring to tell the Heroes story well.

* A good brand knows how to tell their story…

Coming up tomorrow we have our last day here at the M Resort. Roy Rubin will kick things off at 9:00am with a presentation about eBay today. Following Roy’s presentation we’ll hear from Jim FitzGibbon, the Principal of Yew Advisors and Former President of Worldwide Hotel Operations for the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts! After our morning breakout sessions, lunch and afternoon breakout sessions, we’ll hear from Bob Schwartz with the highlights of Magento and Alison Levine of PEAKonomics.

See everyone tomorrow and have fun tonight!

– The Magento Team

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