New York Jeans Chain Gets a Leg Up With Magento


OMG, The Jeans Store was founded to spread the cool simplicity of New York street style through jeans and apparel. After establishing 10 brick-and-mortar locations in the Big Apple, OMG decided to enter the online space to bring their one-of-a-kind aesthetic to shoppers well beyond the borders of The City.

It was essential to OMG that their new eCommerce store retain the look, feel, and sense of community found in their offline shops. To bring their vision to life, OMG chose web development firm Gorilla

Making full use of the Magento platform, Gorilla set about building a site that would embody the spirit of the stores. Working with stylized graphics, negative space, and high-res product images with zoom and multiple view capability, the developers created a user experience that completely captured OMG’s unique energy. And by embedding advanced Facebook functionality into the site, Gorilla made sure that OMG shoppers would stay connected.

OMG’s eCommerce store is every bit as appealing to the eye and easy to navigate as one of its New York establishments. Customers are spending more time on the site than ever before and sales have shot through the roof.

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