The Official FCM Map Of Awesomeness

It’s a warm and lazy Sunday afternoon here at FCM Towers*, so I thought I’d put up a post showing some of the data from our visitors map (aka: The FCM Map of Awesomeness) and Google Analytics. I mean what proper geek doesn’t like numbers and graphs?
* We don’t actually have a tower, but it makes us seem bigger.
First, the world:
The Official Full Circle Map of Awesomeness
Approximately 46k visitors in 40 days. That’s not bad! Google Analytics tells me that the average pages per visit is 3, and the average stay is 3mins. You folks don’t have much in the way of an attention span, do you? Roughly 55% are new visitors, and about 45% are bounces.
Zooming in:

United States of America & Canada
From the US we receive about 9k visits. That’s our #1 country/territory. Canada gets us a further 1k visits and is #7 in the Google Analytics list of top countries/territories. Number 2 on the list is Italy:
The mighty Italian team brings over 4k visitors with over 60% of those being returning visitors. Good job Italy! Fourth in the list is France with almost 2k visitors, most of those are bounces. Germany is #5 with nearly 2k too which

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