Get 4GB of space, or 25% off, with SpiderOak

Jovan from SpiderOak has emailed me an exclusive code for Full Circle readers. Before I continue, a quick disclaimer:
You should only use this code if you currently have less than 4GB, or are a new user. Using it on accounts larger than 4GB may actually drop your storage space.
So, with the disclaimer out of the way, log in to your account via the website then go to ‘Account’ (top right) then click the ‘Buy More Space’ button. Now enter this code:
You’ll now have two options. Up your storage to 4GB, or buy a storage package for 25% off.
PLEASE NOTE: the 4GB option of the code will expire on the 28th June. Using the code after that date will still get you 25% off.
Enjoy your extra space, and thanks to Jovan at SpiderOak for the kind offer.

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