Ubuntu 12.10 Developer Update

In this update we reached out to Ubuntu Developer and juju Extraordinaire Clint Byrum for an interview and to see what he is working on in the 12.10 Release Cycle.

Benjamin Kerensa: What are you doing this cycle when it comes to Development surrounding juju?
Clint Byrum: With juju’s rewrite in Go, we’ve slowed down the actual development of
juju features, and are focused on documentation, quality, testing, and
building out the charm store. We’re also hopeful that Go will achieve
feature parity with the current Python based juju by the end of the cycle.
I’m also working on getting juju into Debian and there is an effort to
get juju packaged in Fedora as well.
Benjamin Kerensa: How do you feel about the roadmap of juju and is there any interesting stuff coming up on the horizon?
Clint Byrum: The Go port is keeping the feature list to a minimum. The most exciting
thing is the rewrite in Go itself, as it should clean up a few areas of
the code that were pretty difficult to understand. With more straight
forward code, in theory we should see features and bug fixes landing
Benjamin Kerensa: Are you working on any pet projects you would like to share about?
Clint Byrum: I’ve been really impressed with

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