Mageia 3 is on Its Way

Mageia 2 was released on May 22, and while many are still planning their upgrades or thinking about a test drive, Mageia 3 is already on its way. In a blog post today Anne Nicolas announced the official kick-off of Mageia 3.
Nicolas stated the full release plan is set for Mageia 3, which includes a final release date in March 2013. Users will get their first peek with Alpha 1 scheduled this September.
The full schedule:
* Alpha 1: 04/09/2012
* Alpha 2: 04/10/2012* Alpha 3: 06/11/2012* Beta 1: 12/12/2012* Version freeze: 02/01/2013* Development string freeze: 02/01/2013* Artwork freeze: 07/01/2013* i18n freeze: 07/01/2013* Beta 2: 11/01/2013* Beta 3: 12/02/2013* Release freeze: 21/02/2013* Release Candidate: 05/03/2013* Final release: 20/03/2013
There have been no technical plans posted as of yet, but we have a long developmental cycle to explore that.

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