Sabayon 9 Released

Sabayon 9 was released a few days ago with the usual updates as well as a new package management interface, Gentoo Hardened, and PAE. As is tradition, Sabayon 9 comes in several flavors and your choice of architecture and purpose.
The most exciting new feature of Sabayon 9 is Rigo. Rigo is a new front-end for Entropy, Sabayon’s home-grown package management system. Sulfur has been replaced as default by this simplified interface. It really seems to be following in a similar trend as other self-coded applications: simple, functional, and fast.

The announcement said of Rigo, "It composed by RigoDaemon, which is the dbus system service, a Gtk3 UI and a UI-independent library. It includes 99% of the features people are supposed to find in a tool that can be used to find, update and remove applications, but the team is not done yet and would love to get some feedback about it."
It seems Sabayon developers are getting bit by the security bug. This usually sounds like a good thing for developers to target, but Gentoo Hardened brings back memories of broken compilers, unbootable kernels, and a hilarious variety of weird system quirks. Actually,

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