openSUSE Rethinking Developmental Model, 12.2 Delayed

Last week when openSUSE 12.2 Beta 1 was released, it was late and following a canceled Milestone 4. In fact, the whole cycle had been thrown off-schedule and the remaining releases will be delayed as well. In a post to the openSUSE factory mailing list today, Stephan Kulow, openSUSE release manaager, said their developmental model is broken; a post characterized by Jos Poortvliet as "a wakeup-call for openSUSE."
The underlying issue in factory seems to stem from a rapidly expanding contributor base and unmaintained packages. Too many packages are being allowed to remain broken for an unacceptable amount of time. The build server continues to act up and upgrading to GCC 4.7 is "still creating big pains." Kulow says the current developmental model isn’t scaling well and offers a few suggestions in order to start a discussion. His call for a "new developmental model" spurred plenty of feedback and perhaps a consensus can be reached.
In the meantime, tentative plans are, according to Kulow:
– next week I will release what I have as 12.2-Beta2 – after that we will split away openSUSE:12.2 from factory to put it under deep freeze for pure bug

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