Inktank Announces Longterm Support for Ceph Data Platform

In the open source world, you know your software project is a success when users start asking for less frequent releases with more predictable support cycles. It’s a sign your product has matured and is ready for prime-time production use. And that’s the point Ceph, the open source distributed storage platform, seems to have hit, with the introduction of longterm support from Inktank. Here are the details.
Ceph, which is governed by the GNU Lesser General Public License, is freely available, open source software. But Inktank, a company launched earlier this year by Ceph creator Sage Weil, provides enterprise-level support for the platform. It’s currently the only commercial entity to do so.
Ceph Argonaut
Inktank’s commitment to Ceph support has become stronger with the announcement of the Argonaut release, the first version of the platform offering longterm support. The company is promoting the move as a benefit for Ceph users seeking more reliability and predictability even as the Ceph code itself continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In the words of Inktank president and COO Bryan Bogensberger:
The Argonaut release is a milestone for Ceph because it allows enterprises, developers, and integrators to approach Ceph with confidence, knowing that they aren’t dealing with

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