Ubuntu and Thunderbird: What the Future Might Hold

For years, Ubuntu’s default email client was Evolution. Then, last year, Canonical switched to Mozilla Thunderbird. But now recent doubts over the future of Thunderbird — most of them pretty speculative — have spawned worries that Thunderbird might, in its turn, disappear from Ubuntu. Will it? And more importantly, would it really matter to many people? Here are some thoughts.
First, a little background. Last week, a leaked email raised concerns over the future of the Mozilla project’s commitment to Thunderbird, the offline email client that complements Mozilla’s more massively popular Web browser, Firefox. At the moment, it’s far from clear that Mozilla intends to discontinue active Thunderbird development, but that hasn’t stopped speculation that Canonical might opt to find a new email program for Ubuntu.
Thunderbird and Ubuntu: What’s Really at Stake
I’m not a Thunderbird fan. For the last several years I’ve mostly used browser-based webmail, and before that I preferred Evolution (despite some inadequacies).
If I did depend on Thunderbird, though, I wouldn’t be too worried by the recent news and hype. For one, since Thunderbird is part of the application stack in Ubuntu 12.04, which will remain officially supported by Canonical for five years, it clearly won’t be disappearing entirely

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