Virtualmin 3.93 released

Hi Virtualmin users,

Virtualmin GPL version 3.93 is now available for download
from , or our YUM and APT
repositories. This version includes the following new features
and bug fixes :

* Updated the phpMyAdmin script installer to version 3.5.1,
and WordPress to 3.4.1.

* Added new API commands list list-s3-buckets and upload-s3-file
for manipulating files on Amazon’s S3 service.

* Backups of more than 2GB to Amazon’s S3 service now use the
mulitpart protocol, which is needed to support large backups.

* The contact email address for a domain can now contain multiple
addresses with real names.

* The DKIM feature in Virtualmin now supports OpenDKIM, as seen in
Ubuntu 12.04.

* Backups to Amazon S3 can now be to a sub-directory under a bucket,
rather than being at the top level.

* The disable-feature and enable-feature API commands now have flags
to disassocaite and re-associate features with a domain, without
actually updating the underlying configuration files or databases.

* Virtual server owners can now be granted permission to create domains
on a single IP address.

* Added an option to the restore form and a flag to restore-domain to
ignore virtual servers that have failed.

* The default shell for new virtual servers on Linux systems is now bash,
if installed.

* When the SSL certificate for a domain is changed, any domains which
shared the old cert but cannot use the new one will be switched to a
copy of the old cert file.

As always, let me know of any bugs you find or suggestions you have..

– Jamie

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