Blender Network launches August 6th

I’m very happy to announce that the Blender Network now will finally happen! After more than a year of brainstorms and trials I’ve managed to find Bart Veldhuizen (BlenderNation) interested to build and manage the networking website for us.

In short: the Blender Network is the Blender Foundation’s partnership program, an online directory and social network for Blender professionals at

It will help us realising three main strategic goals:

We want to improve visibility for the outside world that Blender’s being used by professionals, and that there’s services being offered around Blender commercially as well. For example for integration and customising, development support, training and courseware, pipeline consultancy and for CG artwork and animation in general.

Companies and professionals in our community need to get connected better. There’s a lot of activities around Blender already, it’s really time to map this out well and help everyone to find each other efficiently for projects or work together. Further growth of Blender as a professional product only can be established by a strong network of professionals themselves.

We should support and stimulate business for professionals, with everyone who’s visiting the website. For that reason all information about Network Partners and their connections will be publicly visible, including contact details.

More details will be released soon, on the new network website that goes live on August 6, 2012 latest.

More information: whitepaper/proposal of 2010:

BlenderNation announcement, with discussion:

Amsterdam, July 20th 2012

Ton Roosendaal
Blender Foundation chairman

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