AlienVault Unlocks Unified Security Management 4.0

Of the terrestrial worries modern businesses have to face, threat intelligence and prevention are among the most important, and Silicon Valley-based security specialist AlienVault is addressing that concern with the launch of its Unified Security Management 4.0 (USM) platform, which combines 30 security tools in one management console.
The USM platform is based on five key security capabilities that are built into the software, including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioral monitoring and security intelligence.
The platform consists of three components: the USM Framework, which allows for the unified configuration and management of all built-in security controls; the USM Extension API, which integrates these controls; and the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (AV-OTX), enabling the platform to perform collaborative defense.
USM 4.0 includes new features such as AlienVault Center, a web-based interface that centralizes configuration, monitoring and management of AlienVault security tools and components.
Dynamic asset inventory offers forensic visibility into dynamic environments and historical insight into the state and configuration of assets, including details on which services were running, what users were authenticated and the configuration of network interfaces.
AlienVault also launched a community forum to provide the more than 160,000 OSSIM and AlienVault users with an online resource for technical support, product guides

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