Why Kororaa Wasn’t Announced

Last week I took a little peek at the still upcoming Kororaa 17 and wondered why it hadn’t been announced. I thought perhaps Chris Smart, founder of Kororaa, wanted a test run before announcing. Well, Smart posted an update recently and now we know.
In a post dated July 22, Smart explained that he had been waiting for mirror to sync, or all to have a complete copy, before announcing. This is necessary because "it is taking a very long time to sync to SourceForge mirrors. In addition, some bots picked up the new files and posted a release announcement (although I had not yet done one) which caused the few mirrors that had been sync’d to get hammered and as a result they dropped the files." He was kind enough not to mention my post that had linked to SourceForge.
Smart also said, "This has happened a few times now so I have changed the 17 release to staging mode for 3 days in the hope that it will be enough time to sync enough mirrors. When there are enough, I will release the files and post an announcement."
So, Kororaa isn’t available, just yet.

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