Talend Partners with Google to ‘Democratize’ Big Data

“Democratization” is the kind of buzzword one expects from politicians, not open source software developers. Yet democratizing Big Data has become the latest focus of Talend, according to the company’s recent announcement of its collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program. Here’s the scoop, and what it could mean for businesses large and small with an interest in managing Big Data.
On Tuesday, Talend, which develops the open source world’s most complete solution for Big Data integration, announced it has joined Google’s Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Technology Partner. The move allows users of Talend’s products to integrate a number of Google resources within their Big Data infrastructures, such as Google Cloud Storage and the BigQuery data-analysis tool.
‘Democratizing’ Data
But the biggest news, at least as Talend is positioning it, isn’t the mere integration of Google services with Talend’s products. Instead, it’s what the collaboration means for extending Talend’s reach as a Big Data solution for organizations for which the company’s products previously didn’t make sense. In the words of Talend co-founder and COO Fabrice Bonan:
The Google Cloud Platform offers a broad set of application development, compute, cloud storage, large scale computing, and big data capabilities that democratize big

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