GNU Founder Richard Stallman Speaks Out on Valve Steam

Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman has not traditionally been one to compromise when it comes to software freedom. But in a recent post on the GNU website, the pragmatic side of Stallman seemed to emerged when he admitted that having more proprietary games available for Linux might not be totally, completely bad. Has RMS grown mellow in his late-middle age? Or I am just reading him too optimistically?
If you’re a Linux user interested in playing real games — not open source clones of Asteroids and Super Mario Bros. created by freshman CS majors — you’ve probably heard the news that Valve promised last spring to release a native Linux version of its popular Steam game engine. The move promises to bring an array of professional-quality gaming options to Linux users, who currently enjoy only very few offerings of that class.
So far, the Steam client for Linux has yet to appear. Nonetheless, Valve won further affection from the Linux community recently when one of its cofounders, Gabe Newell, denounced Windows 8 as a “catastrophe” and reaffirmed the importance of investing in open source platforms.
RMS on Games
It was apparently in reaction to these developments that Stallman recently published a short essay

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