LibreOffice 3.6 Available For Download

LibreOffice 3.6 has been released today with some interesting new features and improvements, such as a new CorelDRAW importer, improved auto-format function for tables in text documents, SmartArt import support, improved CVS import, PDF export with watermarking and more.Improvements in LibreOffice 3.6:Support for importing Office SmartArt PDF Export with Watermark option Added Word Count to status bar10 new Impress master pages Support for color scales and data bars. Import from .xlsx and import/export from/to .ods in ODF 1.2 (extended)Import Filter for Corel Draw documents Writer: Support for contextual spacingWriter: Format paintbrush can now differentiate character automatic formating applied to paragraphs from those applied to text portion inside the paragraphWriter: VML import now handles lines, rotations and flipsWriter: RTF/DOCX import/export handles document zoom settingsCalc: New option to specify a custom sheet name prefix in new documentsCalc: Merge cells option added to right-click menu. Calc: “Ctrl+D” fills down in more familiar ways, filling with contents of the cell above if no cell is selected, and, filling down multiple cells with larger selectionsCalc: Export conditional formatting to .xlsxCalc: Improved CVS file importCalc: Added support for field items in cellsCalc: Sorting of data from the autofilter menuCalc: Support for pasting only text, value, or

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