Y PPA Manager Released With New Package Installation Feature, More

Y PPA Manager, a tool to easily search for packages in Launchpad PPAs and perform various PPA actions: add, remove, purge, backup PPAs and more, has been updated to version today.Y PPA Manager brings an option to install a package from the PPA search results dialog (which adds the PPA too if it’s not added already), an improved duplicate source removal feature and more.Changes in Y PPA Manager “Install packages” item in the main UI that lets you quickly install packages (if you already know the package names). Separate multiple packages with a space. This python script was contributed by Lorenzo from atareao.es (thank you!)when you search for packages in Launchpad PPAs, you can select to install some packages directly from the search results dialog (from the search results dialog, select a PPA and click “List packages”, then select some package(s) and click “Install”) – if the PPA isn’t already added on your system, it will be added and then the selected package(s) will be installed using the new “Install packages” python script mentioned above, that comes with a GUI, so the user can see if any errors occur. This makes it easier and a lot faster

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