Add Stacks To The Unity Launcher With `Drawers`

Stacks is a feature firstly found on Mac OS X, which, as the name implies, “stacks” files into small organized folders on the dock – in our case, the Unity Launcher.Drawers is an utility that lets you create stacks (drawers) on the Unity launcher, a feature that was often requested but it hasn’t been implemented in Unity, at least for now.With Drawers, you can create launchers for Unity on which you can add applications, files, folders or links so you can, for instance, have a drawer for web browsers, one for work-related applications and one some important documents. This allows you to have a well organized, uncluttered Unity launcher while having all the applications/files you need just one click away.A drawer can be accessed by left clicking its icon on the Unity Launcher, which displays an icon list of the items you’ve added (screenshot above), but you can also access the files, folders or applications in a drawer via Unity quicklists, by right clicking the drawer icon:Using DrawersTo create a “drawer” or “stack”, launch Drawers from Dash – you will be asked to enter a name for the new drawer -, after which the drawer will be created under ~/.local/share/applications/.

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