Insync: Google Drive Client For Linux (Beta 2 Released, DEB And RPM Packages Available For Download)

Insync is a Google Drive client for Mac, Windows and mobile devices that recently got support for Linux (beta).Besides full sync support for Google’s cloud storage service, Google Drive, which includes Google documents (unlike Grive) that it downloads as .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc., Insync for Linux also comes with Nautilus integration, tray / Ubuntu AppIndicator support that displays recent changes, errors and the sync status and support for multiple accounts.Insync Beta 2 for Linux was released today, bringing .deb and .rpm packages, so the installation should be a lot easier now. Besides this, beta 2 also brings various fixes and improvements:fixes unicode issuesfaster inotifyfaster set emblems (using ctypes)faster startupicon and .desktop fileUsing Insync for LinuxOnce installed, launch Insync from Dash / the menu. A new tab will open in your default browser, asking you to log in to Insync using your Google Account and link your computer to Insync / Google Drive.After this, a new folder called “Insync” will be created in your home folder. In this folder, a directory with your Gmail email address is created, where your Google Drive files are synced / stored. If you add multiple accounts (from the AppIndicator: Account Information > Add New Account),

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