Canonical Showcases Desktop Linux, Inside the Browser

In most cases, “online tours” fall short of seeing the real thing. They’re convenient, but I can’t imagine many people buy a house or choose a college after only visiting them virtually. But when it comes to picking an operating system, online previews can work quite well, as the Ubuntu team’s online tour site exemplifies. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s worth a look — even if you don’t use Ubuntu.
Although it has been around since last fall, the Ubuntu online tour — which was developed by Canonical’s Web Design Team, under the leadership of Anthony Dillon — has received surprisingly little fanfare. Nonetheless, it provides a rigorous and impressively smooth preview of Ubuntu 12.04′s look and feel, at least in its default form. Here are a few screenshots:

Even the browser works!
But this is, of course, only a preview…
What’s coolest about this is, as the screenshots show, is that it’s all done right in the browser. There are no special downloads or other software required. As long as your browser supports HTML5, the online preview should work without a hitch right at
Winning More Converts?
The idea of showing off a more or less complete version of an operating

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