Red Hat Releases OpenStack Distribution for Cloud

Since the cloud and open source are supposed to go together like peaches and cream (ah, the joys of summer), it might come as a surprise that Linux vendor Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) lacked an official OpenStack distribution. But that now has changed with the announcement of a public preview of an OpenStack release based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Here are the details, and why they matter for the open source channel.
OpenStack clearly has been on Red Hat’s radar for a while. Back in April 2012, Red Hat became an official “Platinum Member” of the OpenStack governance community. It also claimed at the time that “Red Hat has already become one of the top code contributors to OpenStack in the open source community,” and promised that a Red Hat OpenStack distribution was in the works, but wouldn’t talk details.
This most recent announcement, then, simply makes public a project that apparently has been in development at Red Hat for a while. But it nonetheless stands to have major implications for a range of partners and customers in the open source channel, with whom Red Hat has indicated its desire to build stronger relationships around OpenStack:
Red Hat has been working

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