Tomdroid 0.7 Beta Adds Support For Creating And Editing Notes, More [Android]

The stable Tomdroid, an application compatible with Tomboy Notes that you can use to sync notes between your desktop computer and Android device, works in read-only mode for now so you can only read the notes created on your computer, but you can’t edit them or create new notes.But there’s some good news. Tomdroid 0.7 beta was released recently, adding support for editing and creating new notes along with other new features. The new beta version isn’t available on the Android market (Google Play), but you can download the apk from Launchpad.Tomdroid 0.7 beta features:basic tablet supporttwo way sync along with the ability to create, edit and delete notesrich text editorautomatic renaming of notes with duplicate titleautomatic note saving on pauseability to revert changesnote conflict resolution screen when notes are of different date and both older or newer than last sync dateautomatic authentication – if you use Ubuntu One, pressing “Sync” on first launch is enough to authenticate and syncupdating progress bar with information on current task, number of notesswitching sync services/servers doesn’t clear notes database anymorePreference tweaks: change base font size, back up notes to SD card, remove all notes from remote service, show/hide note templates, clear local notes

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