OStatic’s Latest Collection of Open Source Cloud Computing Guidance

In 2012, the open source community is making larger than ever contributions to the shift toward cloud computing, and the pace has quickened significantly recently. Just last week, for example, we covered the delivery of Rackspace’s private cloud platform based on  OpenStack, and Red Hat’s planned OpenStack platform. In conjunction with all this action, at OStatic we’ve been steadily collecting posts and resources related to open source and cloud computing. In this post, you’ll find our updated collection of resources, interviews and educational posts on the topic.
Recently, OStatic conducted an interview series with cloud computing platform managers, and makers of commercial cloud platforms, focused on the question, "What’s in Your Stack?" The people we interviewed are, in many cases, cloud pioneers, and include founders of hot cloud-focused startup companies. A good sample of the interviews in this series can be found here:
CloudSwitch’s Founder on What’s in His Cloud Stack
CloudBees’ Founder Discusses What’s in His Stack
myClin Founder Discusses What’s in His Stack
The Man Behind Swiss Federal Mapping Discusses His Stack
Lucas Carlson, Founder of PHP Fog, Discusses

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