Get HDMI Working With Nvidia Optimus On Ubuntu By Using Bumblebee And Synergy

HDMI doesn’t work with Optimus hybrid graphics chipsets under Linux for most laptops, even if you use Bumblebee, but there is a way to get HDMI to work: by using a separate session.Using the instructions below, you’ll get an LXDE session (you can use XFCE or others, but the instructions below are for LXDE) to show up on the external monitor (which is connected via HDMI), and in this session, all the applications you launch use your laptop’s Nvidia graphics card and you can play games, watch movies, etc. The LXDE session runs in the same time as your regular session, so on your laptop’s screen you get your regular (main) session. Also, the mouse and keyboard are shared between the two sessions / monitors.Here’s how this looks like:The first image above is from my laptop’s screen (Dell XPS L702X which comes with Nvidia Optimus) while the second image is the separate LXDE session which is also running on my laptop, but is displayed on a TV connected via HDMI. As you can see, the first one is using the Intel graphics chip while the second one uses Nvidia.However, there are some things to consider when using this:the sound won’t

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