OpenStack Foundation Moves Forward, Taking VMware With It

In the past two weeks, many momentous announcements have arrived surrounding OpenStack, the open source cloud computing framework. As we reported, Rackspace, which has begun calling itself "the open cloud company," announced the release of Rackspace Private Cloud software, built on OpenStack and designed for companies that want to install, test and run a multi-node OpenStack-based private cloud environment. That news, of course, immediately followed Red Hat’s announcement of its upcoming OpenStack-based cloud platform, already available in a preview edition. And now, as it releases a significant update to Ubuntu 12.04, Canonical is also doubling down on its OpenStack focus. 
However, one of the biggest OpenStack-related developments of all is taking shape right now, as  the OpenStack Foundation names its leaders, forms its organizational structure and welcomes new members. And, it has just emerged that VMware is one of the new Gold Members.
The OpenStack Foundation is very well funded, and will help development of the platform move along at a solid clip. Considering the number if big tech companies backing the foundation, it could have considerable might in the

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