Virtualmin 3.94 released

Hi Virtualmin users,

Virtualmin GPL version 3.94 is now available for download
from , or our YUM and APT
repositories. This version includes the following new features
and bug fixes :

* Alias virtual servers that have their own mailboxes and aliases
can now be created, rather than always forwarding mail to the
destination domain.

* When installing Ruby scripts, dependencies like gcc and
libfcgi-devel are now installed automatically if possible.

* The outgoing IP address for email sent from a domain can now
be configured to match the domain’s IP, when using Postfix 2.7
or above.

* If the system’s primary IP address has changed, display a warning
message and prompt to update all virtual servers on the old IP.

* Virtual servers can now be backed up to the Rackspace Cloud Files
service, in a similar way to Virtualmin’s S3 backup support.

As always, let me know of any bugs you find or suggestions you have..

– Jamie

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