Install GIMP 2.8.2 In Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

GIMP 2.8.2 has been released a few days ago with lots of bug fixes, but without any new features.Among the changes included in the latest GIMP 2.8.2 are:Mention that the image was exported in the close warning dialogFix the visibility logic of the export/overwrite menu itemsRemove all “Use GEGL” menu items, they only add bugs and zero functionImprove performance of display filters, especially color managementFix the image window title to comply with the save/export spec and use the same image name everywhere, not only in the titleFix positioning of pasted/dropped stuff to be more reasonableFix remembering of JPEG load/save defaultsMac OSX / Windows fixesThe 2.8.x series won’t include any new features, just bug fixes. The plan is to add full GEGL support, high bit depths, an unified transform tool and other new features with GIMP 2.10 and finally port GIMP to GTK3 with version 3.0.Install GIMP 2.8.2 in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise PangolinThe PPA that provides GIMP 2.8.x for Ubuntu 12.04 users has been updated today with the latest GIMP 2.8.2. To add the PPA and install GIMP 2.8.2 in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, use the following commands:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimpsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install gimpFor source files, Windows and Mac OSX

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