Quickly Open Large PDF Files Even On Slow Machines With MuPDF

MuPDF is a small and fast PDF viewer that can quickly open large PDF files, even on slow computers.WebUpd8 reader David Reimer writes:Larger PDFs (such as those 20Mb+ ones available at Archive.org/details/texts) run miserably slowly in Evince, or about any other PDF reader/viewer I’ve tried in Ubuntu, to the point of being unusable. With MuPDF, they can be read (even on my aging hardware) quite rapidly.Since the application focuses on speed and small code size, it doesn’t come with interactive features like for filling for instance. Also, the user interface only displays the PDF; to navigate through the PDF file (next page, rotate, zoom, search for text, go to a page and so on), you must use keyboard shortcuts as explained HERE.MuPDF also comes with a few tools (in the “mupdf-tools” package) that allow you to convert a PDF file to a series of images (pdfdraw), repair, decrypt, and decompress PDF files (pdfclean) as well as some debugging tools that lets you extract fonts from PDF files, display information about internal objects, etc. (pdfshow, pdfextract and pdfinfo).Install MuPDF in UbuntuMuPDF is available in the official Ubuntu repositories, but that’s an old version – 0.9 for Ubuntu 12.04. Many improvements

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