Required Skills for the New Sysadmin

The systems administrator job title has changed quite a bit in the past few years. Today’s sysadmin needs to be more than just a hardware and os level guy, he needs to know security, networking, public and private cloud services, and code. If you are going to interview with me, this is what I look for.
I used to work for a man who claimed that “when security drives the bus there’s no room for the passengers.” You do not have to look far these days to see that he was wrong. Building systems secure from the start is essential. You can’t just add security on, it’s not a checklist at the end of a development schedule. You must build the entire architecture with security in mind from the beginning. Without this mindset, you are setting yourself up for failure.
To be honest, good networking skills have always been a part of being a sysadmin. The difference today is that you need to know how to connect geographically dispersed networks, and you need to know how your applications will handle the lag. Do you know the issues involved in building web scale data stores? Have you looked into MongoDB replication

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