Unity 6.4.0 Lands In Ubuntu Quantal Proposed Repository, Brings Dash Previews

Unity 6.4.0 has been uploaded to the Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal proposed* repositories today, bringing a huge list of bug fixes, but also some new features that were announced earlier, like the Dash previews feature.The previews feature allows you to right click applications or files in Dash to get a preview, along with some extra information which depends on the item you’ve right clicked. The previews currently work with applications (both installed and suggested), music (available on the HDD and available for download), videos and pictures. We’ve covered this a while back, so for more info and a video, see: Unity: Dash Gets A Cool New Previews Feature [Video] – Ubuntu 12.10 Development.Besides the preview feature, the latest Unity 6.4.0 seems to also come with the new Unity webapps technology because when upgrading, 2 new packages were installed: libunity-webapps0 and unity-webapps-service, but it doesn’t work yet. The browser (Firefox and Chromium) extensions are not installed by default, but even after installing them, the WebApps feature didn’t work in my test so it seems there’s something still missing here.Another change in Unity 6.4.0 is that “backlight toggles” mode is now switched on by default (screenshot above) which means that the Unity launcher

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