Canonical Targets Corporate Desktops for Ubuntu

You’ve probably heard the promises that desktop Linux is more secure, faster and cost-effective than proprietary platforms. But did you know it can also increase employee satisfaction? So says Canonical in its latest effort to promote Ubuntu in the workplace. Read on for a look at this and other talking points.
Admittedly, the suggestion that installing Ubuntu on your business’s workstations “will actively improve the efficiency and job satisfaction of employees” is only one of the many reasons Canonical gives for switching to Ubuntu. And Canonical doesn’t discuss the claim in detail. That claim, by the way, came in an email announcing the availability of a white paper from Canonical titled, “Ubuntu Desktop for the Enterprise.”
Ubuntu for Your Workplace: The Selling Points
But the broader message of this campaign, which focuses on Ubuntu’s fitness as a complete out-of-the-box computing solution and its ready integration with modern IT environments, is interesting unto itself. The white paper addresses the following three topics in particular:

Productivity. Emphasizing that “When you compare Ubuntu with proprietary operating systems, you’re not comparing like with like,” the document points out that Ubuntu comes with a well-rounded set of free productivity applications out of the box, with no additional purchases or

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