Customize GTK3 / GTK2 Theme Colors Using `GTK Theme Preferences`

Satya, who’s behind some beautiful GTK and GNOME Shell themes, has created a cool new tool that lets you customize GTK theme colors.Right now, `GTK Theme Preferences` (that’s the name of the tool) works with both GTK2 and GTK3 themes and lets you customize the following:selected background colorXfce panel, Gnome panel and Unity panel: background and text colormenu background and font colorA similar feature was available in GNOME 2 by default, but unfortunately it wasn’t included in GNOME 3 and since then, GNOME (this includes Unity) users who like to customize the GTK theme colors had to do it manually, by changing configuration files. Well, that’s not the case anymore thanks to GTK Theme Preferences. The application comes with a limited set of features for now as you can see (which are still very useful), but hopefully it will gain even more customization options in the future.Here’s an example: in the screenshot above you can see Greybird GTK theme which by default uses blue for the selected background color and comes with a light panel and light menus. Using GTK Theme Preferences, I’ve tweaked it to use a dark panel, a purple selected background color and dark menus.Install GTK Theme

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