Zentyal Summit to Focus on Linux and Business

The VAR Guy himself recently made the case that the likeliest converts to Linux in the business world are in emerging markets. But that isn’t stopping Linux server manufacturer Zentyal from hosting an upcoming conference in Zaragoza, Spain, targeted at businesses even in “developed” regions interested in migrating to Linux. Read on for a look at the program, and what it says about the current state of Linux in the business world.
The event, aptly named “Zentyal Summit 2012 – Talking Linux to Small Businesses,” presumably owes its location to the fact that Zentyal is based in Spain. All the same, the event appears aimed at all commercial organizations — not only those in regions where IT ecosystems are still developing, and in which Linux doesn’t face the steep uphill battle against entrenched proprietary platforms that it does in the United States and western Europe.
The event will be held on Oct. 4 and 5, 2012. The full preliminary program is available here, and participants can register for free here.
The State of Linux in Business
Interested readers can check out Zentyal’s website themselves for details on the summit. But here’s what the event reveals about the state of Linux in the business world,

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