Getting Started with Ubuntu for Windows Users

The New York Times has an interesting post up that caters to Windows users who have no Linux experience but would like to dip their toes in the water. It’s a short "Linux on a Stick" post that discusses how to use a Flash drive to begin using Ubuntu. We’ve covered the topic before at length, and if you happen to be a Windows user who wants to give Ubuntu a spin, here is a complete set of resources for doing it quickly–and you don’t have to ditch Windows to do it.
The New York Times suggests that Windows users begin by taking the online Ubunt tour, available here, and launching into creating a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu. CNet has a good visual tutorial on the topic, although it’s not specific to running Ubuntu. As the story notes:
"A Linux Live USB flash drive is a great way to try out Linux without making any changes to your computer. It’s also handy to have around in case Windows won’t boot–allowing access to your hard disks–or if you just want to run a system memory test."

Windows users who want to dablle in Linux should

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