Ubuntu Reaches 220,000 PCs in Schools in Spain

Canonical’s recent efforts to promote desktop Ubuntu on the workstations of large organizations have focused primarily on the business world. But perhaps the company’s greatest prospects lie in the education channel. That’s where 220,000 Ubuntu-based PCs are now running in Andalusia, Spain. Here are the details, and what they say about desktop Linux’s viability in the education market.
When it comes to making money by selling support services around desktop Ubuntu, Canonical seems to be most interested in business customers. It has created a Business Desktop Remix spin of Ubuntu targeted specifically at commercial organizations, but has made no parallel effort for the education market. And the Zentyal Summit, where Canonical will have a notable presence next month, is about corporate customers alone.
Taking Ubuntu to School
Yet one of Canonical’s greatest success stories so far was set not in the business channel, but in the public schools of Andalusia. That’s where Isotrol, a Spanish engineering and technical support company, installed an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution on 220,000 workstations spread across 2,000 schools, according to a report from Canonical.
Canonical provided technical support during the effort in the form of a “Premium Service Engineer.” In addition, Isotrol made use of Canonical’s Launchpad portal for managing

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