Canonical’s Shuttleworth Bets $1M on Big Data, Inktank, Ceph

Mark Shuttleworth — the entrepreneur and space tourist most famous for helping to launch Ubuntu Linux — found a new pet project on Tuesday, when he invested $1 million of his own funds in Inktank and the Ceph community. The endeavor may not involve blasting into orbit, but it’s likely to make some big splashes all the same in the open source and Big Data channels. Here’s the full story.
Shuttleworth’s interest in the distributed data storage system Ceph, and Inktank, which provides support services for Ceph, doesn’t come out of the blue. Canonical has had its eyes on Ceph for some time already, and has promoted it as the preferred massive storage platform for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The longterm ability of Canonical and Ubuntu to compete in the evolving world of storage and Big Data is closely linked to open source storage solutions like Ceph.
Nor is it out of character for Shuttleworth to invest some of his personal fortune in fledgling open source startups. That’s how Ubuntu, which is now one of the biggest names in the Linux world, got its start a decade ago.
Storage, Open Source and the Future
Still, Shuttleworth’s personal investment in Inktank and the Ceph community, which

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