Too Many Geeks, Too Much Choice

Here we go again, around and around, what’s old is new again, and all those other metaphors. TuxRadar asked if Linux and associated software are suffering from too many geeks doing their own thing? The discussion (d)evolved into another one of those "too much choice" topics and, of course, very few think Linux suffers from that.
The exact question reads:
‘Scratch your own itch’ is a popular mantra for open source developers. And the principal is a good one: programmers working on software they want tend to produce good code. However, the itches of most coders are very different from the itches of most ordinary users.
The end result is that we have the best selection of text editors of any OS, yet (according to Miguel de Icaza) an audio framework that breaks so frequently it’s not worth setting up.

So, here at LXF towers we’ve been wondering, is Linux suffering from a surfeit of hackers scratching their itches? In order for Linux to become a leading desktop, do we need the geeks to step back and let non-techies (i.e. the majority of the population) take control of the OS?

One of my favorites is a quote from King Linus himself. "Everything

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