Parted Magic Team Releases 2012_09_12

Parted Magic is one of the most handy distributions to have around. It began life years ago primarily as a partitioning tool, but has grown to be much more. The Parted Magic project just released 2012_09_12 today and since it’s been too long since my last use of Parted Magic, I figured it was time to take a look around.
According to the release announcement a lot of work has done to LVM. These are:
* Physical Volume creation
* Physical Volume checking
* Physical Volume resizing
* Physical Volume moving using GParted’s offline move capability
* Volume Group activation / deactivation
* Physical Volume deletion
Besides the usual software updates, the announcement points out that a "mess of bugs has also been dealt with." They’re a bit technical, but some less-so include:
* Some rare USB hangs have been fixed. * A udev rule breaking mice support was fixed.* Cut off menus in Clonezilla fixed.
This release ships with Linux 3.5.3, Xorg X Server 1.12.4, and Firefox 15.0.1. The announcement also mentions a couple of workaround for known issues.





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