New Magento Study Points to Optimal Configuration for Exceptional Performance


For years, many of our customers have raved about the performance they’ve been able to achieve with Magento Enterprise Edition. Our goal is to help all of our customers get the best possible performance from our platform.

With that goal in mind, we recently conducted testing to help us determine the optimal configuration for achieving exceptional performance with Magento Enterprise Edition.

The testing we conducted was designed to show what strategies work best for optimizing Magento. The results—detailed in our latest white paper, Optimizing Magento for Peak Performance—provide a powerful reminder that a fully optimized platform will deliver better performance while also maximizing hardware efficiency.


Here are a few highlights from our testing, as outlined in our white paper:

  • Configuration counts. Our testing results demonstrate that a standard configuration of two web nodes and one database server, properly configured and optimized, can lead to a significant increase in performance.
  • Caching is key. An optimized Magento Enterprise Edition configuration, coupled with appropriate software accelerators, such as Varnish and Nginx, can support more than 350 million catalog views and 487,000 orders per day. This exceptional performance is the result of improved server response times and greater data processing capacity.
  • Save your servers. To grow and scale, more servers aren’t always the answer. With proper server configuration and enhanced caching, businesses can save on hardware costs while supporting more customers and transactions.

To learn more about how you can get maximum performance from Magento Enterprise Edition, download our white paper now.


Special thanks to Peer 1 Hosting for providing us with the servers we used for our testing.

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