Everpad Integrates Evernote With Ubuntu Unity (AppIndicator, Lens)

Evernote is a note taking service in which the notes can be text, images, voice memos, handwritten notes or file attachments. There are Evernote clients available for Windows, Mac OSX, Amdroid, iOS and WebOS, but there’s no official Linux client.On Linux, you can use NixNote (previously Nevernote), an unofficial Evernote client written in Java but if you want something lightweight, you should try Everpad, a new Evernote client that integrates nicely with Unity.Everpad is an Ubuntu AppIndicator that you can use to take notes and synchronize them with Evernote’s servers as well as display your current Evernote notes. Currently, it supports notes, tags, notebooks, file attachments (remember there’s a 60 MB monthly limit) and places.And even if you don’t plan on using the Everpad Ubuntu AppIndicator, if you’re an Evernote user you should install Everpad since it comes with a nice Unity lens which you can use to quickly search & display notes:The Everpad lens supports filtering by notebooks, tags and places and it should become even more useful with Ubuntu 12.10′s new “previews” feature.The lens is automatically installed when you install Everpad, but if you don’t want to use it and only want the AppIndicator, you can disable it

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