PrestaShop and Bluehost Make E-commerce Easy for Everyone

There’s no getting around it. The world of e-commerce revolves around synergy.  Partnerships power advancements in technology, and the sharing of ideas helps create solutions backed by ease of use and exceptional performance.

When PrestaShop launched the very first version of our revolutionary Open-source e-commerce software in 2007, we had a vision for where we wanted to take it.  Five years and 125,000 active online stores later, PrestaShop stands atop the e-commerce summit thanks to incredible partners like Bluehost.

Bluehost has been providing the world’s best web-hosting solutions since 2003. And their commitment to outstanding service at a price everyone can afford has made them one of the fastest, most reliable hosting providers on the planet.

Bluehost is backed by a nationwide fiber network, an army of custom-built servers and an amazing technical support team that works around the clock to help its customers every step of the way.

Together, PrestaShop and Bluehost make e-commerce easy by offering a simple-script, one-click installation of PrestaShop!

Taking full advantage of the world’s best e-commerce software has never been easier, and with Bluehost as your chosen hosting provider, you are guaranteed a superior e-commerce experience at a price everyone can afford.

Don’t wait another minute to begin building your business with PrestaShop and Bluehost!

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