New Cinnamon 1.6 Release Adds 2D Session, New Applets And More Customization Options

Workspaces can be named in Cinnamon 1.6Cinnamon, the GNOME Shell fork used by default in Linux Mint 13 (Cinnamon Edition), has reached version 1.6, getting many new features: a new 2D session, workspace OSD, new applets and lots more!Major changes in Cinnamon 1.6:Cinnamon 2D session (uses software rendering)Workspace OSD: you can now name the workspaces (which are persistent in Cinnamon)ALT + Tab improvements: you can now use thumbnails or previewsImproved sound applet: larger album cover, mute buttons for speakers and microphone and moreGrid View in ExpoThe panel is fully customizable: options to configure auto-hide delay and the panel height have been added to Cinnamon Settings.many other improvements and bug fixes ALT + Tab with window thumbnailsIn my test, the Cinnamon 2D session was very slow, even though my computer is pretty fast, so it seems this feature isn’t ready yet. And in fact, in the Cinnamon 1.6 release notes it’s mentioned that Cinnamon 2D is used to “troubleshoot compatibility problems with Cinnamon”, so it doesn’t look like it’s intended for everyday use just yet.There are also some new applets in the latest Cinnamon 1.6:window quick-list: lists all open windows across workspacesbrightness appletnotifications applet: like the “Recent Notifications” appindicator, this

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