Ubuntu 12.10: What to Expect

According to my sources, it’s almost October, and that can mean but one thing: The debut of Ubuntu 12.10 is almost upon us. To prepare, here’s a look at some of the biggest changes to expect in the forthcoming release of one of the world’s most popular open source operating systems.
Codenamed (in the Ubuntu tradition of alliterative homages to exotic wildlife) “Quantal Quetzal,” Ubuntu 12.10 will officially become stable on Oct. 18. For now, though, a beta version is already available, and beta 2 is expected to land on Sept. 27.
Ubuntu 12.10: What’s New
All in all, 12.10 will not be a game-changing release. Unlike some earlier versions of Ubuntu, it doesn’t introduce any radically new features or interfaces. Users who choose to upgrade can expect solid incremental enhancements, but nothing that will shatter their worlds.
That said, there are some significant changes to expect in Ubuntu 12.10, including:

A standardized installation image. Rather than shipping a “regular” ISO image for installing Ubuntu in addition to a supersized DVD image and an “alternate” CD, the desktop edition of Ubuntu 12.10 will come in one single flavor in the form of an 800MB image. Users can burn it to a DVD or load it

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