gThumb Gets WebP Support In The Latest 3.1.1 Release

gThumb, an image viewer and organizer, has reached version 3.1.1, adding support for WebP, the image format that employs lossy and lossless compression, developed by Google as a WebM sister project.The new version also comes with a new application menu on the top GNOME Shell bar when used with GNOME Shell.Other changes in gThumb 3.1.1 :Allow to specify the format options when saving a file (can be disabled)Save and restore the window maximized state, the filterbar status, the visited locations history and the viewer sidebar statusImage viewer: use the dark background by default, and use a more neutral color instead of blackVideo viewer: save and restore the volume levelRotation tool: allow to rotate an image from -180 to 180 degreesSelections: allow to cut the filesAdded a menu item to hide/show the file propertiesEnhance colors: use a faster algorithm and rename to “Adjust Contrast”Equalize histogram: use a faster algorithmDesaturate tool: added ability to choose the method to use, renamed to “Grayscale”Removed the format chooser from the file dialogAdded an high resolution application iconMoreAlso, with this version, gThumb depends on GTK3.4 so for instance, it can’t be compiled on Ubuntu 11.10 (and obviously older versions) anymore. Install gThumb 3.1.1 in UbuntuThe latest

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