Is Fedora Linux Becoming Business-Friendly?

Fedora Linux has not typically been closely associated with the business world. That realm was instead the purview of Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), which sponsors Fedora as a community project and uses it as a proving ground for technologies that often later appear in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But if the upcoming release of Fedora 18 is any indication, the open source operating system may be poised to become more business friendly in its own right.
Currently, Fedora 18 is not scheduled to be released in stable form until Nov. 27, 2012. But with the alpha version out last week and most planned features already largely implemented, users enjoy a pretty good idea of what the final product will look like.
Gearing Up for Business?
And while Fedora 18 will introduce a slew of new features, some of the most notable are those that make it a stronger candidate within commercial environments. These include:

Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Active Directory. It’s long been possible to join any Linux machine to an AD environment, of course, but by making the configuration quick and painless, Fedora will gain a default feature of key importance for many commercial organizations.
Better support for automatic discovery of printers and other

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