Controversy Erupts over Amazon Search in Ubuntu 12.10

Among the new features planned for Ubuntu 12.10, one, a Unity “lens” that generates search results from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), has been stirring a lot of controversy lately — so much that Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth recently responded publicly to what he’s calling “FUD-points” regarding the lens. But what will it take to put users truly at ease?
Shuttleworth, who helped found the Ubuntu Linux project and its parent company, Canonical, in 2004 and led the latter as CEO until stepping down in late 2009 to focus on other pursuits within the Ubuntu community, summarized the concept behind the lens feature pretty succinctly on his blog:
The Home Lens of the Dash is a “give me X” experience. You hit the Super key, and say what you want, and we do our best to figure out what you mean, and give you that. Of course, you can narrow the scope of that search if you want. For example, you can hit Super-A and just search applications. But if you throw your query out to the Dash, we need to be a smart as possible about where we go looking for answers for you.
This functionality has been available in Unity, Canonical’s homegrown interface

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