Cotton Candy Tiny Linux PC Joins a Crowd of Them

While the Raspberry Pi has grabbed the most headlines as a tiny, ultra-inexpensive, pocketable computer running an open source operating system, it’s actually only one of many tiny LInux computers being heralded as part of a new "Linux punk ethic." As we’ve noted, there are various pocket-size Android devices selling online for under $100 (see the photo). For example, these thumbdrive-style mini PCs are available on AliExpress for $74, which includes shipping. Now, some of the most talked about Linux PCs-on-a-stick are shipping: the "Cotton Candy" devices.
While the Cotton Candy Linux-on-a-stick devices are still characterized as developer-focused, a new online post makes clear that they have moved to production.  The post also explains delays in delivering the much talked about devices:
"We also decided to abort our first original first batch of shipments due to a problem that was discovered in the CE and FCC certification process. This has caused delays on the production of the devices that we ordered for the fulfilment of the pre-orders that we opened. These are the main reasons for our delay in providing you with development units."

PC World’s Katherine Noyes describes

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