Get Ready For The 24-Hour Horsemen Marathon

This photo taken when we toured with Justin Bieber.
See that motley crew above? That is my team, the Community Team at Canonical. I am blessed to have such a wonderful team; not only are they all fantastic community leaders, but they are just a fun bunch of guys in general to be around.
A while ago I suggested to the team that we do something for charity. We spent some time brainstorming, and exploring ideas from the sublime to the ridiculous. We then hit on something we were all fans of…an idea in which lots of Ubuntu work will be done, charities will benefit from, and should be fun and entertaining…
…we are going to have a 24-hour work marathon, streamed live online for your morbid pleasure and amusement.
How It Will Work
In a nutshell, each of us is going to work for a solid 24-hour block, taking breaks where needed (no, a break can’t include an 8-hour nap). Each of us will log on and our entire day will be streamed live on Ubuntu On Air.
In this 24-hour period we will work collaboratively on projects, discuss our work on the stream, answer questions from the community, give tutorials, and more. We are

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